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Customer satisfaction

For us, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. After every project, we survey the service and the customer‘s impressions, in order to be able to introduce further improvements. 

We assess:


  • between the customer and the AHUB
  • quality of the project‘s execution
  • complaint management
  • invoicing

the service

  • Is the customer familiar with the services we can provide?
  • Is it known that we work in accordance with a QMS and according to laid-down regulations?
  • Did we fulfil the customer‘s expectations?
  • Are the qualifications of our staff in order?

the perception

  • co-operation with the customer
  • our presentation to the world outside
  • Is our range of services up to date?
  • are we seen as an alternative to others?

Customer satisfaction

5=very good, 4=good, 3=satisfactory, 2=adequate, 1=unsatisfactory

Measures to improve customer satisfaction


  • Improved and standardised procedures for execution of projects
  • Training programme in the field of brakes

Perception (public relations work)

  • Developing a company logo to enhance the recognition percentage and the motivation of staff
  • Making known that we are ISO certified and work in accordance with EBO guidelines (Railway Operating and Construction Regulations)
  • Developing a new Internet platform with presentation of our services